Flower Delivery for Bereavement, Death and Funeral

mademoiselle is at your side to send your sympathy bouquet as a result of a death in your surroundings. Our round bouquets in pastel, white or a little more colourful will be the ideal touch to show your support to the family of the deceased during the funeral. A touch of sympathy in these difficult moments, symbol of eternity. You can also accompany your bouquet with a message of condolence written and printed on a delicate cardboard.

We advise you to send the bouquet to the home of the family concerned and the day before or the day after the tribute (burial) that will celebrate the deceased. We do not accept funeral homes, churches, crematoria or other places of worship as we cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery. We also do not deliver during the rest of the year to cemeteries to decorate a grave/burial. Finally, please note that we do not make wreaths.