The bouquets of flowers.

What is a flower bouquet?

The bunches of flowers are creative assemblages of flowers, leaves and twigs
which can be of various curves and sizes. These associations are made in order to
to compose a harmony of forms, colors and scents. They are appreciated for giving them, which makes the flower delivery in Belgium so popular.

The flowers are the main organ that makes up the bouquet, to understand their genetics,
we need to look at the biology of flowers. You will then have information on their
reproduction, habitat, environment and behaviour.

How do you harvest the flowers?

The flower harvest is the first step in designing a flower bouquet. The
The purpose of collecting the flowers is to assemble them to obtain a floral creation.

How to design a bouquet?

The bouquet design is no small task, but a few simple rules
can be enough to make your flower combination successful. Creating beautiful bouquets
harmonious, it is an artist's work and everything depends on the result you wish to obtain.
It is necessary to start by mixing the colors, choosing the variety of flowers, the shape of the bouquet.

The aesthetics of flowers therefore plays an important role in the design of a bouquet, but
that's not all.

The scent of flowersis also important. Indeed, it is better to
Avoid using very fragrant varieties of flowers together. Use a single fragrance
This will give a more subtle effect that will perfume the room in which it is placed.
Combining flowers is a delicate alchemy!

Why pack a bouquet of flowers?

In the past, bouquets of flowers were offered without packaging because they were used to
only for protection and transport. Today this rule has changed!
Florists pack their bouquets of flowers in pretty, decorative containers and
which are an integral part of the aesthetic and the gift that we offer.

But the packaging also has a more practical function, as a protection, to preserve the
the package to its destination and during the journey to it.

Flower care

L'flower care is necessary to enjoy your bouquets longer. Indeed,
once the flowers are cut, they become perishable, but some advice on the use of
good habits to adopt exist and will allow you to take care of them. Maintenance of the stems,
the choice of the vase, the water, the location of your bouquet are elements to take into account
account at its reception. Without forgetting the few gestures to be adopted the following days and the
special cases!